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The Three Dragons

The Three Dragons


Three levitating bands fused together by a solid 18K gold spine create a bold, architecturally-inspired piece topped with a seamless row of three shimmering, bezel-set pink sapphires of varying sizes. A modern, dramatic piece that’s easy and elegant enough to wear everyday. Made in LA.

  • 18K brushed yellow gold: 4.5 grams

  • Three bezel-set pink sapphires: 1.86 carats

  • Size pictured: 7

  • One of a kind, please contact for custom sizing

Fun nugget: In the Middle Ages, the sapphire represented loyalty and nobility and was believed to protect those close to you. Some metaphysical practitioners regard the pink sapphire as a stone that helps balance and protect the heart while promoting calming energy. It is also used to help in recovering from depressive tendencies to encourage forgiveness. In modern times, the sapphire is perceived as a stone that helps encourage wisdom and clarity. The birthstone of October.

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