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The Pitta

The Pitta


A vibrant, orange-red Mexican fire opal is set brilliantly in an 18K gold, deep-bezel cup that sits elevated atop a slender beaded band. A wonderfully striking stone that shimmers like distant fireworks at night while heating up its gold setting with its intensely-hued transparency. A perfect union of color and texture. Made in LA.

  • 18K brushed yellow gold: 3.2 grams

  • Brilliant-cut Mexican fire opal: 2.07 carats

  • 1.6 mm beaded band

  • Deep-bezel setting

  • Ring size pictured: 7

  • One of a kind, please contact for custom sizing

Fun nugget: The vivid colors and brilliance of the opal are believed to have healing powers in a few cultures, especially for vision. Perhaps the brightness of these stones caused people to believe they were “eye stones” to provide the wearer with good eyesight. Specifically, the intense color of the fire opal is also said to be an effective confidence-building stone for those who lack it. Some metaphysical advisors regard the fire opal as a stone of prosperity and is used to attract money. The birthstone of October.

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