Sona Weaver

Product Care

Sona Weaver jewelry is sold in as-is condition due to the one-of-a-kind nature of all our pieces. All jewelry and gems are susceptible to damage and require preventative measures and maintenance. Please be careful while handling all jewelry and be aware of situations in which unusual contact to jewelry-damaging chemicals, surfaces, etc., may occur.

Sona Weaver jewelry is made from solid 18K gold unless otherwise stated in the product description. While 18K gold is quite durable, the set stones require added attention and care. As necessary, please remove all rings with stones when showering, cleaning, swimming, washing dishes, and performing other activities that might cause the stone to have contact with rough surfaces. 

Most pieces can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Gold should be cleaned using gold metal cleaner only. Sona Weaver is not responsible for natural discoloration in stones and materials or damage due to improper care. 

In the event that a Sona Weaver ring needs to be resized down the line, or immediately after purchase, below is a pricing list for various alterations.  Shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

  • Resize a ring: $30
  • Reshape a ring $15
  • Ring or earring missing 1 stone: $20; 2 stones $30
  • Broken ring or earring: $20
  • Broken necklace or chain: $25