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The Red Rock Sky

The Red Rock Sky


A string of contrasting turquoise and dramatic red coral beads creates a striking juxtaposition on a 30” long necklace. Six uniform gold bead drops add symmetry and subtle texture to this vibrant necklace. Perfect as a single strand around the neck, or layered with other beaded necklaces for sophisticated texture and color. Wrap it around the wrist as a bracelet for something new. Made in LA.

  • Turquoise and red coral

  • Six gold beads

  • 30" hand-knotted silk thread

  • Due to the nature of beaded stone necklaces, no two are completely alike. Please contact us to see our selection, so we can try to replicate the patterns, colors and styles as best as possible.

Fun nuggets: Turquoise was used by shamans, warriors and the talisman of kings. It is regarded as a stone of strength and protection, yet emotionally healing due to its soothing hue. Some metaphysical healers believe that turquoise is a strengthening stone that combats panic attacks, depression and exhaustion, while imparting solace to the wearer by balancing overall moods and emotions. The birthstone of December.

Many metaphysical advisors believe the red coral serves two areas in life: love and business. For love, the red coral helps to protect the wearer from depression, while aiding in diminishing compulsive behavior. It also helps to prevent frustration and resentment in relationships. In business, the stone is known to help with increasing strong, goal-oriented leadership qualities and wealth. The stone that’s known to cool the fiery natures of those born under that planetary influence of Mars (Scorpio or Aries).

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