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The Poet

The Poet


An eclectic string of African turquoise, Mother of Pearl and a single coral brings an exotic, vintage-style charm to a 28” long necklace. Two scattered gold beads of varying sizes and shapes add structure and geometry to the perfect round symmetry of the gemstones. Discreet and beautiful as a single strand around the neck, or layered with other beaded necklaces for nuanced texture and color. Wrap it around the wrist as a bracelet for something new. Made in LA.

  • African turquoise, Mother of Pearl and a single coral: 3mm

  • Two 18K gold beads

  • 28" hand-knotted silk thread

  • Due to the nature of beaded stone necklaces, no two are completely alike. Please contact us to see our selection, so we can try to replicate the patterns, colors and styles as best as possible.

Fun nuggets: Turquoise was used by shamans, warriors and the talisman of kings. It is regarded as a stone of strength and protection, yet emotionally healing due to its soothing hue. Some metaphysical healers believe that turquoise is a strengthening stone that combats panic attacks, depression and exhaustion, while imparting solace to the wearer by balancing overall moods and emotions. The birthstone of December.

Spiritual advisors believe that the Mother of Pearl has a calming effect when one wears it, reducing aggressive tendencies and overall stress. It is also believed that this precious stone improves communication skills by guiding those who wear it to better express themselves in more effective ways. The birthstone of June.

Metaphysical practitioners believe that the pink coral restores harmony to the heart, helping to relieve depression. Some spiritual advisors also believe that coral aids in releasing unhealthy emotions and thoughts to help support people during times of transformation and change. The zodiac stone for Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn and Taurus.

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