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The Beady Eye

The Beady Eye


A mesmerizing, ink-black string of onyx stones and eight jade beads brings a vintage elegance to a 27” long necklace. Three scattered gold beads of varying sizes and shapes add warmth to the contrasting cool, dark circular form of the onyx stones. Perfect as a single strand around the neck, or layered with other beaded necklaces for sophisticated texture and color. Wrap it around the wrist as a bracelet for something new. Made in LA.

  • Onyx stones: 3mm

  • Eight jade beads: 3mm

  • Three 18K gold beads

  • 27" cord

  • Due to the nature of beaded stone necklaces, no two are completely alike. Please contact us to see our selection, so we can try to replicate the patterns, colors and styles as best as possible.

Fun nuggets: Some spiritual advisors believe that onyx guards against negativity and is mainly worn to defend against harm directed at you. Onyx stabilizes emotions, bringing strength and resolve in difficult or confusing situations. As such, onyx is believed to help individuals separate from situations or people that contribute to unhappy relationships. The zodiac stone for Leo.

Jade was revered by ancient cultures, as well as modern day metaphysical practitioners, for being the ultimate "Dream Stone" that helps to access the spiritual world to “dream-solve” and encourage creativity. This valuable stone serves as a protective talisman, supporting a full life and peaceful death. Some spiritual advisors consider jade a powerful healing stone and an amulet of good friendship and fortune. The birthstone of August.

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