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The Babs

The Babs


A modern take on a bygone classic, a beautiful string of Mother of Pearl and a single gold bar adorn a 28” long necklace. Not your grandmother’s pearl necklace, yet an homage to the strong women who have paved the way. Perfect as a single strand around the neck, or layered with other beaded necklaces for subtle texture and color. Wrap it around the wrist as a bracelet for something new. Made in LA.

  • Mother of Pearl: 3mm

  • One 18K gold bead

  • 28" hand-knotted silk thread

  • Due to the nature of beaded stone necklaces, no two are completely alike. Please contact us to see our selection, so we can try to replicate the patterns, colors and styles as best as possible.

Fun nugget: Spiritual advisors believe that the Mother of Pearl has a calming effect when one wears it, reducing aggressive tendencies and overall stress. It is also believed that this precious stone improves communication skills by guiding those who wear it to better express themselves in more effective ways. The birthstone of June.

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