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The Spring Rain

The Spring Rain


A pastel palette of blue opal beads on a 31” necklace creates a sweet springtime vibe that’s easy and fluid paired with a voluminous yellow sundress. Perfect as a single strand around the neck, or layered with other beaded necklaces for uplifting texture and color. Wrap it around the wrist as a bracelet for something new. Made in LA.

  • Blue opal beads: 3mm

  • 31" hand-knotted silk thread

  • Due to the nature of beaded stone necklaces, no two are completely alike. Please contact us to see our selection, so we can try to replicate the patterns, colors and styles as best as possible.

Fun nugget: The vivid colors and brilliance of the opal are believed to have healing powers in a few cultures, especially for vision. Perhaps the brightness of the opals caused people to believe they were “eye stones” to provide the wearer with good eyesight. Opals are also known to guard against the “evil eye.” A multi-purpose stone, some metaphysical practitioners believe the opal helps to improve communication and dispel depression. The birthstone of October and the stone that commemorates the 14th wedding anniversary.


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